Write Better

Designed for Novelists

The Quill was designed specifically for writing novels, so you get features created for your needs, instead of trying to work with general purpose tools.

Spell Check

Get spell checking as you write, or turn it off when you want to avoid distractions. Add unrecognized words and names to your dictionary per manuscript or for all manuscripts.

Dictionary / Thesaurus

Not sure you used the right word? Right click any word and select "Define." The dictionary and thesaurus are built right in so you don't have to leave your story.

Character Profiles

Brown hair? Black hair? Keep track of every character detail by filling out a profile for each character. Review them without even leaving your story to make sure you nail that consistency.

Compare Chapters

Craft a well-paced novel by comparing chapter lengths as you go so you aren't surprised when you hear Chapter 17 is way too long.

Color Themes

Set the mood for your novels by choosing a color theme. Three books at once? No worries. Assigning a different color to each one will help you keep them straight.

Be Productive

Write Anywhere

Write, revise, and read on any internet-connected device without installing anything. All you need is a web browser.

Rich-text editing

What you see is what you get. Format your manuscript as you write with bold, italics, strikethrough, text alignment, etc.

To Dos

Manage a list of tasks you need to complete, then check them off your to do list without leaving your manuscript.

Drag and Drop

No need to copy and paste thousands of words at once. Re-order chapters with ease. Just drag, drop, and you're done.

Leave Comments

Avoid distractions by leaving comments for your future self. Stay organized by color coding each comment.

Search Everywhere

Forget where you put that scene? Search across your entire manuscript, notes, research, and even outtakes (deleted chapters).

Stay Motivated

Distraction-free Writing

Go fullscreen and hide all the distractions when you need a little extra focus.

Writing Stats & Goals

Hold yourself accountable. Compare your word counts from last week and this week to ensure you keep making progress.

Clean Modern Feel

Don't be distracted by antiquated and cluttered interfaces. The Quill was designed to help you feel good while you write.

Set Goals

Already started your latest work? Import from MS Word or copy and paste to get started. The Quill will even auto-detect your chapters.

Predict Completion Dates

Every writing session brings you closer to your goal. The Quill will let you know if you need to pick up the pace or are surging ahead.

Feel Safe

Continuous backups

Delete and revise without fear. Your manuscripts are continuously backed up as you write, so you can stop emailing yourself copies.

Secure & Encrypted

Guard your life's work with battle-tested account security and bank-level encryption. Every manuscript is encrypted before it leaves your computer.

Export Anytime

They are your words, so you can export them any time, forever. Export to Word, html, or plain text.


We worked hard to include all the features you need and will continue adding features you want. But make an informed decision—compare features across the most common writing tools before you decide.

Partial Support
Feature The Quill Google Docs MS Word Scrivener Ulysses Novlr
Online writing (no installation required)
WYSIWYG rich-text editing (bold/italic/etc)
Spell check
Grammar check
Built-in dictionary
Built-in thesaurus
Continuous backups
Bank-level encryption
To do lists
Character profiles
Drag and drop chapter organization
Outtakes, research, snippets with your manuscript
Leave comments anywhere
Color-code your comments
Designed for Novelists
Clean, modern feel
Distraction-free writing
Choose a color theme for each manuscript
Import from Word
Autodetect chapters on import
Export to Word
Export to HTML
Export to plain text
Export to ePub
Word count goals
Predict completion dates
Track word count progress
Historical writing stats
View and compare chapter lengths
Search across complete manuscript
Search research, outtakes, snippets
Tablets (iOS, Android)
Phones (iOS, Android)
Continue to write offline
Free to get started